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When "private" isn't private: discovery in the age of Facebook

Canada - September 6 2012 Parties to litigation cannot hide behind Facebook privacy controls during the discovery process according to a recent decision of the British Columbia Supreme Court.

Daniel Shouldice

It’s a “like”: Facebook class certification overturned by Appeal Court

Canada - September 11 2015 In a recent ruling from the British Columbia Court of Appeal (“BCCA”), a class action was de-certified involving a claim by disgruntled Facebook…

Natalie Cuthill

When good parties go bad: liability for employers

Canada - December 15 2009 Many employers and their staff look forward to their company's annual holiday party.

Karl E. Gustafson, Q.C.

PLEASE READ: Waivers of Liability Must be Clearly Identified to be Effective

Canada - March 18 2020 Operators of riskier recreational activities such as big-game hunting, parachuting, skiing, white-water rafting, bungee jumping and scuba diving, to…

Federal Court strikes out union's attempt to challenge temporary foreign workers

Canada - May 22 2013 In the latest legal development impacting the temporary foreign workers program, the Federal Court struck out an attempt by the United Steelworkers…