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We Have a DPA: Prosecutors Agree to Deferred Prosecution Agreement With SNC-Lavalin

Canada - May 16 2022 After being available for almost four years, prosecutors in Canada have now agreed to enter into the first deferred prosecution agreement ("DPA")…

Ralph Cuervo-Lorens, Chris Kalantzis, Jamieson D. Virgin

At a glance: sanctions for cartel activity in Canada

Canada - November 26 2021 A concise Q&A guide to sanctions for cartel activity in Canada, including criminal and civil sanctions, guidelines for sanction levels, debarment and more.

Dr. A. Neil Campbell, William Wu

In brief: cartel immunity and leniency programmes in Canada

Canada - November 26 2021 A look at some of the key questions surrounding immunity and leniency programmes for cartel participants in Canada, including procedural requirements and the advantages of cooperation.

Dr. A. Neil Campbell, William Wu

Confession, Cooperation, and Compliance: Mitigating Consequences of Alleged Bribery and Corruption Through Self-Reporting

Canada - November 23 2021 The RCMP recently announced a rising trend of companies self-reporting potential acts of bribery and corruption. This trend was sparked by Canada's…

Jamieson D. Virgin

Will BC’s UNDRIP action plan create compliance challenges under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act or the Criminal Code of Canada?

Canada, United Kingdom, USA - June 15 2021 Government news releases issued on a Friday are known to receive the least attention - and thus warrant the most scrutiny. On Friday, June 11, 2021…

Timothy Cullen, Robin M. Junger