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The outline of the infraction of "subjecting to a major imbalance" specified by two rulings by the Paris Court of Appeal

France - April 8 2014 Convicted by the Court of First Instance (Commercial Court of Lille on 7 September 2011), the Paris Court of Appeal upheld the fine of one million…

Olivier Binder, Richard Milchior

Contract for the provision of internet service

France - April 8 2014 In this case, the company C had entered into a contract with the company S for the provision of internet services, in addition to a financial leasing…

Olivier Binder, Richard Milchior

Insecurity of business relationships and abrupt termination

France - April 8 2014 Anyone who abruptly breaks off an established business relationship becomes liable for heavy damages. What about the existence of a lasting…

Olivier Binder, Richard Milchior

Termination of commercial distribution relationship

France - April 8 2014 In a judgement delivered on 8 October 2013, the Court of Cassation complements its case law on the termination of business relations. In this case…

Olivier Binder, Richard Milchior

The French Competition Authority makes the PMU separate online betting and betting through agents: a decision that allows other actors to compete on an equal playing field "pmu. Fr"

France - April 8 2014 By decision 14-D-04 of 25 February 2014 relating to practices implemented in the sector of online horse betting, the French Competition Authority…

Olivier Binder, Richard Milchior