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Q3 l 2020

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Federal Court Blocks Texas Law Seeking to Restrict Social Networks’ Right to Ban Users

USA - December 30 2021 A U.S. federal district court in Texas held that “social media platforms have a First Amendment right to moderate content disseminated on their…

Dotan Hammer

Millions of False and Invalid Copyright Claims Filed with YouTube in 2021

Global - December 30 2021 Millions of invalid or intentionally false copyright ownership claims were filed with YouTube in the first half of 2021, according to a…

Dotan Hammer

American Claiming to be “Satoshi Nakamoto” is Ruled as the Lawful Owner of 1.1M Bitcoin

USA - December 30 2021 Craig Wright, an American computer scientist who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, is the legal sole owner of 1.1M Bitcoin (more than $71…

Dotan Hammer

Israeli Gov’t Once Again Suspends COVID-19 Geolocation Surveillance

Israel - December 30 2021 Only five days after issuing new emergency regulations re-authorizing the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) to track the cellphone location of…

Dotan Hammer

Russia: Google fined $100 Million for “Failing to Remove Banned Content”

Russia - December 30 2021 Russian Courts have fined Google $100 million and Meta approximately $27 million for “systemic failure to remove banned content”. Tech giants are…

Dotan Hammer