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UK Government Sets Out Sector-Specific Vision for Regulating AI

United Kingdom - August 10 2022 The UK Government recently published its AI Governance and Regulation: Policy Statement (the “AI Statement”) setting out its proposed approach to…

Lisa Peets, Tomos Griffiths, Mark Young

Facial Recognition Update: UK ICO Fines Clearview AI £7.5m & EDPB Adopts Draft Guidelines on Use of FRT by Law Enforcement

European Union, United Kingdom - June 2 2022 Facial recognition technology (“FRT”) has attracted a fair amount of attention over the years, including in the EU (e.g., see our posts on the…

Sam Jungyun Choi, Fredericka Argent, Mark Young

UK Privacy and Digital Policy & Legislative Roundup

United Kingdom - May 16 2022 In the Queen’s Speech on 10 May 2022, the UK Government set out its legislative programme for the months ahead. This includes: reforms to UK data…

Tomos Griffiths, Paul Maynard, Shona O'Donovan, Mark Young

EMEA AI Legislative and Regulatory Roundup 2021 and Forecast 2022

European Union - February 18 2022 In 2021, countries in EMEA continued to focus on the legal constructs around artificial intelligence (“AI”), and the momentum continues in 2022. The…

Sam Jungyun Choi, Lisa Peets, Marty Hansen, Madelaine Harrington, Jiayen Ong

European Parliament Votes in Favor of Banning the Use of Facial Recognition in Law Enforcement

European Union - October 12 2021 On 6 October 2021, the European Parliament (“EP”) voted in favor of a resolution banning the use of facial recognition technology (“FRT”) by law…

Sam Jungyun Choi, Lisa Peets, Marty Hansen, Jiayen Ong