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Ten Ways to Avoid Layoffs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

USA - March 24 2020 As the COVID-19 public health crisis continues, businesses are dealing with unprecedented disruptions to operations and workforce stability. Most…

Molly Ramsden, Tom Plotkin, Carolyn Rashby

Achieving Compliance in Hiring Under U.S. Export Control and AntiDiscrimination Laws

USA - April 3 2019 In February 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice ("DOJ") announced a settlement with Honda Aircraft Company LLC regarding claims that Honda Aircraft…

David Addis, Damara Chambers, Peter Flanagan, Corinne Goldstein, Peter Lichtenbaum, Tom Plotkin, Kimberly Strosnider

International Employment Law Update

Germany, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Kingdom, USA - May 26 2021 This International Employment Update summarises recent international employment law developments in Germany, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United…

Christopher Walter, Chris Bracebridge, Walter Born, Helena Milner-Smith, Carolyn Rashby

Opening the Doors: Return-to-Workplace Considerations During COVID-19: Part One: Navigation the Legal Risk of Return

USA - April 16 2020 Whether a company is an essential business or is expecting to reopen in the coming weeks, a number of challenges must be addressed in order to…

Carolyn Rashby

DOL Issues Final “Joint Employer” Rule

USA - February 10 2020 The U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) has published a final rule, which takes effect on March 16, 2020, outlining the new four-factor approach DOL…

Nori Lu, Carolyn Rashby