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DoD Releases Guidance on Inflation and Economic Price Adjustments for Fixed-Price Contracts

USA - June 6 2022 In response to industry-wide questions about price adjustments for economic inflation, the Department of Defense (DoD) has released guidance about…

Scott A. Freling, Paul Rowley

FCA Defendants May Be Able to Recover Attorney Fees Under Their Fixed-Price Contracts, At Least For Now

USA - December 22 2021 If a contractor is working on a fixed-price contract, can it charge the government for attorney’s fees to defend a False Claim Act (“FCA”) case…

Robert K. Huffman, Peter B. Hutt II

Accepting What You Can’t Change: ASBCA Holds that an Agency Must Accept Non-Conforming Goods After Waiting to Consider a Deviation

USA - September 7 2021 The FAR explains that the Government must accept or reject work as “promptly as practicable after delivery.” FAR 52.246-2(j). But what if the…

Kayleigh Scalzo

White House Issues Guidance on Limiting Waivers of Domestic Sourcing Laws - What Contractors Need to Know

USA - June 22 2021 On June 11, 2021, the White House released new guidance on its plans to limit waivers of domestic sourcing laws, bolstering its January 2021 Executive…

Robert K. Huffman, Anna Menzel, Jennifer L. Plitsch, Michael Wagner

President Biden Orders Tightening of Made in America Laws: What Contractors Need to Know

USA - February 1 2021 On January 25, 2021, President Biden issued a much-anticipated Executive Order announcing plans to strengthen the U.S. Government’s preference for…

Samantha L. Clark, Frederic M. Levy, Jennifer L. Plitsch, Michael Wagner