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Reasonableness of Restraints of Trade: 'Non-Contractual' Intentions Are Relevant

United Kingdom - December 9 2021 In Harcus Sinclair LLP v Your Lawyers Ltd [2021] UKSC 32, the Supreme Court held that a six-year restraint of trade provision in a non-disclosure…

Louise Freeman, Alan Kenny, Sinead McLaughlin, Mark Welch

International Employment Law Update

Germany, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Kingdom, USA - May 26 2021 This International Employment Update summarises recent international employment law developments in Germany, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United…

Chris Bracebridge, Walter Born, Lindsay Buchanan Burke, Helena Milner-Smith, Carolyn Rashby

Top Five UK Workforce Issues of 2021

United Kingdom - May 11 2021 After more than a year of lockdowns and homeworking, vaccine rollouts provide hope of some sort of return to normality for many UK businesses during…

Chris Bracebridge, Hannah Edmonds- Camara, Antonio Michaelides, Helena Milner-Smith, Mark Welch

UK Court Rules on Copyright over Software Developed Whilst Working at Home

United Kingdom - April 20 2021 In Penhallurick v MD5 Ltd [2021] EWHC 293 (IPEC) the Court held that the copyright in various literary works relating to software Mr. Penhallurick…

Louise Freeman, Alan Kenny, Sinead McLaughlin, Mark Welch

Employee Confidentiality and Data Theft: Recent UK Developments

United Kingdom - February 10 2021 In this blog post, we look at a recent decision by the UK Court of Appeal and a separate prosecution brought by the Information Commissioner’s Office…

Daniel P. Cooper, Louise Freeman, Helena Milner-Smith, Mark Welch, Mark Young