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Understanding China’s Data Regulatory Regime: What Are Important Data? And Can They Be Transferred Outside Of China?

China - April 11 2022 The concept of “important data” is a cornerstone of China’s data regulatory regime. The Cyber Security Law (2017) (the CSL) prohibits operators of…

Lianying Wang

Trendspotting 2022: On the pulse of Life Sciences

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - January 13 2022 The global life sciences industry is evolving at an extraordinary rate. Scientists are rapidly gaining insights into…

Jim Badke, William Blumenthal, Raymond A. Bonner, Colleen Theresa Brown, Marinn Carlson, Elizabeth C. Curtin, Meenakshi Datta, Meng Ding, Joshua G. DuClos, Sharon R. Flanagan, Carlton Fleming, Ching-Lee Fukuda, Elizabeth Hardcastle, Patrick J. Harrison, Joshua T. Hofheimer, James R. Johnson, Jaime L.M. Jones, Paul E. Kalb, Karen Kazmerzak, Coleen Klasmeier, William RM Long, David J. Ludlow, Maria Isabel Manley, Donielle McCutcheon, Maarten Meulenbelt, Eva von Mühlenen, Raj D. Pai, Frank Rahmani, Tatjana Sachse, William A. Sarraille, Dorothee Schramm, Josefine Sommer, Catherine Y. Starks, Adriana V. Tibbitts, Trevor L. Wear, Rebecca K. Wood, Chen Yang, Friven Yeoh, Oliver Zhong

Anti-Corruption Quarterly Newsletter

USA - September 20 2021 On June 3, 2021, U.S. President Joe Biden issued a national security memorandum on “Establishing the Fight Against Corruption as a Core United States…

Ike Adams, Douglas A. Axel, Stephen L. Cohen, James M. Cole, Ellyce R. Cooper, Daniel C. Craig, Joseph R. Dosch, Craig Francis Dukin, Kevin M. Fee, Sara George, Jeffrey T. Green, Thomas C. Green, Shu Min Ho, David H. Hoffman, Mark D. Hopson, Joseph B. Tompkins Jr., Kristin Graham Koehler, Scott R. Lassar, Colleen M. Lauerman, Michael A Levy, Joan M. Loughnane, Maurits J.F. Lugard, Geeta Malhotra, Michael D. Mann, Brian P. Morrissey, Ellen Crisham Pellegrini, Jack W. Pirozzolo, Karen A. Popp, Frank R.Volpe, Doreen M. Rachal, David M. Rody, Daniel D. Rubinstein, Leslie A. Shubert, Brian J. Stretch, Michele Tagliaferri, Yuet Ming Tham, Gordon D. Todd, Timothy J. Treanor, Angela M. Xenakis

Anti-Corruption Quarterly

USA - March 3 2021 2020 marked another significant year for Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) enforcement. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, U.S. prosecutors at the…

Douglas A. Axel, Stephen L. Cohen, Craig Francis Dukin, Joseph B. Tompkins Jr., Kristin Graham Koehler, Scott R. Lassar, Maurits J.F. Lugard, Marc Palay, Karen A. Popp, Leslie A. Shubert, Brian J. Stretch, Michele Tagliaferri, Zhengyu Tang, Yuet Ming Tham, Timothy J. Treanor, Angela M. Xenakis, Chen Yang

At a glance: the legal framework for vertical agreements in China

China - February 17 2021 A look at the legal framework applicable to vertical agreements in China, including antitrust law, types of vertical restraint, responsible authorities and more.