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Indirect Tax: How to prepare for Brexit

European Union, United Kingdom - March 4 2020 The United Kingdom (“UK”) has officially exited the European Union (“EU”) as from the 1st of February 2020. However, a transitional period from 1st…

Security Token Offerings: Equity or Debt? How financial statements are affected

Cyprus - January 30 2020 Security Token Offerings (STO) is the new method of fundraising. STO follow a similar structure to ICO. They involve the sale of crypto tokens which…

NIKOS ATHANASIOU, Demetra Constantinou, Christos P. Kinanis

The taxation of benefits in kind in Cyprus

Cyprus - March 27 2019 The Tax Department has announced in October 2018 its intention to terminate the previous tax practice in relation to the benefits in kind, and…

Artemis Kyriakou, Marios Palesis