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The End for Visa Requirements

European Union - July 7 2020 On the 18/06/2020 the Court of Justice of the European Union (΄CJEU΄) issued a judgement based on a request for a preliminary rulin…

Costas Apokides

COVID-19 and the performance of contractual obligations

Cyprus - May 6 2020 Unfortunately, the outbreak of the corona virus has created devastating effects on everyday lives, caused significant…

Covid-19 is «pushing» for the use of Electronic Signatures

Cyprus - April 12 2020 As the epidemic of the Covid-19 spreads around the globe, more and more professionals are required to work from home, a situation that leads to new…

Costas Apokides, Artemis Kyriakou

Rent Control Law - Recent amendments on eviction for non - payment of rent

USA - March 4 2020 In order to speed up procedures for eviction of tenants for purely reasons of non - payment of rent parliament has recently passed a law a…

Christia Michael

The Cyprus banking crisis : General Court of the European Union judgments in cases T-680/13 and T-786/14

Cyprus, European Union - April 4 2019 On 13 July 2018 the General Court of the European Union (“the Court”) issued its Judgments on the cases T-680/13 and T-786/14 whereby the claims for…

Christos P. Kinanis, Lydia Liassides