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Drafting Commercial Contracts: Eight Important Provisions During a Pandemic

USA - July 22 2020 Companies have been navigating how to adjust “standard” business contracts to mitigate the ongoing uncertainties and risks resulting from the COVID-19…

Idaho Legislature Repeals 2016 Changes to Non-Compete Law

USA - April 9 2018 When a new business comes to town, when an existing business seeks to expand, or when a startup is making its way off the ground, it may want (or…

A. Dean Bennett.

2016 Non-Compete Presumption Burdened Key Employees

USA - April 9 2018 When enacted in 2016, the recently repealed non-compete law was touted as business-friendly, as it strengthened an employer's ability to enforce a…

A. Dean Bennett.

Effect on Idaho Employers

USA - April 9 2018 Whether you think this repeal is a good or bad development may rest largely on whether you seek to retain your key employees and contractors by…

A. Dean Bennett.

Repeal Restores Pre-2016 Standard of Proof For Non-Competes

USA - April 9 2018 Senate Bill 1287 strikes the language added in 2016 that shifted the burden to key employees and independent contractors to prove that they have no…

A. Dean Bennett.