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Crypto exchanges ordered to help trace stolen assets

United Kingdom - December 2 2022 The claimant company lost over $10m in cryptoassets to hackers who had obtained access to its systems. Although an expert was able to trace the stolen…

Jean-Martin Louw

The collapse of ftx - a regulatory and claims perspective

Global, USA - November 22 2022 Cryptoassets are traded on a global basis. Indeed, the markets are even more global and constant than markets in more conventional financial…

Nigel Brahams, David Vaughan

Do company directors owe a ‘creditor duty’ when a company is nearing insolvency?

United Kingdom - November 9 2022 The Supreme Court, in a key judgment handed down on 5 October 2022 (BTI 2014 LLC v Sequana SA and others [2022] UKSC 25), has provided some important…

Rhiannon Thompson

Hague Convention Letters of Request - The relevance threshold

United Kingdom - May 9 2022 Hague Convention letters of request are an effective tool used by parties in overseas disputes to obtain evidence from, or to compel the disclosure…

Jean-Martin Louw

Financial Services Winter update 2021

United Kingdom, USA - November 15 2021 The post-Covid economic recovery has seen high levels of M & A activity, with private equity firms eager to deploy funds following a muted 2020…

Nichola Leach, Jean-Martin Louw, Ryan Lynch