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Best endeavours, reasonable endeavours and all reasonable efforts: when do you know, when you’ve done enough?

United Kingdom - October 11 2012 There are certain clauses in a contract which sound alarm bells to the trained eye.

A word of warning to directors - personal liability for costs if a company is unsuccessful in litigation

United Kingdom - February 11 2016 It is a commonly held view that directors have no personal liability for costs if their company is unsuccessful in litigation and cannot afford to…

Roger Billins.

Coronavirus - Frustration and Force Majeure in Commercial Contracts

United Kingdom - March 20 2020 The below practical steps, explained in more detail below, should be taken by businesses in these unprecedented times: Review the terms of any…

Nadia Asfour, Howard Ricklow.

Should landlords take equity in their retail tenants?

United Kingdom - August 21 2019 Jeff Roberts & Dan McCarron feature in Estates Gazette considering whether landlords should take equity in retail tenants, as a way to address the…

Dan McCarron.

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin - pending petitions and out-of-court administrations!

United Kingdom - October 11 2012 In our last issue, we looked at the implications for out-of-court administrations where the company or directors seek to appoint an administrator under paragraph 22 of Schedule B1 to the Insolvency Act 1986, but then discover that between filing their notice of intention to appoint and their notice of appointment, a winding-up petition has been presented, triggering paragraph 25 of the Schedule.

Gavin Kramer.