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What will Brexit mean for your commercial contracts?

European Union, United Kingdom - December 2 2020 Any UK companies doing business with the rest of the EU, or even just in the UK but relying on customers and suppliers who deal with the rest of the…

Rayyan Mughal

Clearing the 5G Patent Forest!

USA - October 22 2020 Companies outside the Telecoms space are sometimes surprised to learn that industry standard technologies -…

Philip Cupitt

Challenges for Extended Reality (XR) Companies in Patent Prosecution and Litigation

USA - October 2 2020 Extended Reality (XR) technologies, an umbrella term that includes and unites Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed…

Kola Akintola, David A. Ruston

Pointers and pitfalls for immersive tech startups

United Kingdom - June 19 2020 In this webinar with Leeds XR Society, we discuss how to secure and protect your technology, hone an IP strategy and build the right team, without…

Andrew Hartley, Graeme Murray

FBCC podinar: Protecting your brand during the lockdown

United Kingdom - June 5 2020 Paying attention to your brand is more important than it ever has been...

Michael Barrett