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The Return of Earmarks

USA - February 24 2021 House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman DeLauro announced that the House will include member requests for community project funding in FY22…

Gregory M. Gill

13 Areas Impacted by the 2020 Election and What You Need to Know

USA - October 23 2020 The United States is no stranger to divisive and spirited presidential and congressional campaigns. This year's fast-approaching elections, however…

Douglas H. Green, Loren K. Aho, Allyson B. Baker, Eric S. Berman, Andrew E. Bigart, James Y. Boland, Matthew Bornfreund, Thomas M. Boyd, Chase Burgess, Nicholas D. Choate, Ashley W. Craig, Sarah B. Donovan, Matthew Field, Josh M. Finestone, Kathryn Kusske Floyd, Gregory M. Gill, Craig A. Gilley, James H. Burnley IV, Thora A. Johnson, Grace H. Lee, Manuel Levitt, Elizabeth K. Lowe, Doreen S. Martin, Lindsay B. Meyer, Peter Nielsen, William R. Nordwind, Samuel Olchyk, Chelsea E. O'Sullivan, Tara Sugiyama Potashnik, William A. Powers, Mark L. Pryor, Thomas H. Quinn, Joshua H. Raymond, The Honorable Bart Stupak, Wes S. Sudduth, Fred R. Wagner, Ariel S. Wolf

What to Expect in Federal Policy in 2018

USA - January 9 2017 Traditionally, most of the legislation enacted during a President’s first term is passed between the first October and April before the midterm…

Joshua H. Raymond, Kara M. Ward

Federal appropriations earmarks: have we moved from feast to famine?

USA - May 20 2011 In the past, traditional appropriation's advocacy strategy was a pretty straightforward process.

Scott E. Gluck

Bumpy road ahead for immigration reform

USA - May 20 2011 Last week, President Obama traveled to El Paso, Texas to visit the border and give a speech urging lawmakers to take up the issue of comprehensive immigration reform.

Scott E. Gluck