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Is This the End of "Captive Audience" Meetings? NLRB's General Counsel Pushes for Their Abolishment

USA - June 29 2022 Recently the General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Jennifer Abruzzo, issued GC Memo 22-04, which seeks to bar employers from…

Taylor A. Bleistein

As the Federal Vaccine Mandates Fall One by One, Employers Are Left to Navigate a Maze of Uncertainty Amid State and Local Laws

USA - February 3 2022 In September 2021, President Biden announced a series of emergency worker protection regulations to combat surging positive test rates caused by the…

Benjamin Herold

The FMLA: Issues Employers Don’t Want to Get Wrong

USA - October 26 2021 The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (“FMLA”) is nothing new. For 28 years, it has granted unpaid, job-protected leave to eligible employees for…

Danielle A. Lawrence

Players at Private Academic Institutions Are Employees, According to the NLRB

USA - October 14 2021 Athletes at private colleges and universities (together, Academic Institutions) receiving athletic scholarships meet the definition of employee under…

Taylor A. Bleistein, Allison B. Gotfried, Doreen S. Martin

Biden’s “Promoting Competition in the American Economy” Order Reflects the Growing Trend Against Non-Competes Across the Country

USA - July 21 2021 On July 9, 2021, President Biden issued a sweeping Executive Order, “Promoting Competition in the American Economy” (the Order). It covers a range of…

Jacob W. Goodman, Danielle A. Lawrence, Benjamin E. Stockman