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Counterclaims on the Cutting-Room Floor: How a Central District Court Cut Down the Writers Guild’s Countersuit Against Hollywood’s Talent Agencies

USA - April 30 2020 A California federal court recently dismissed the majority of the counterclaims asserted by the Writers Guild of America (the Guild) against William…

Alan J. Epstein, Lee S. Brenner.

Court Finds Communications Decency Act Protects Tumblr Against Revenge Porn Claim

USA - November 19 2019 A federal district court recently dismissed an invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress action against Tumblr brought by a…

Lee S. Brenner.

Fair and Balanced Reporting Pays Off: Newspapers Avoid Defamation Suits by Sticking to the Truth

USA - September 9 2019 Two federal courts recently dismissed defamation claims brought against The New York Times and the Kansas City Star, finding the subject articles…

Lee S. Brenner.

Star Athletica LLC v. Varsity Brands, Inc. et al

USA - March 29 2017 While useful articles are not protected under the Copyright Act, 17 U. S. C. § 101, pictorial, graphic, or sculptural features of…

Briana C. Rizzo, Meaghan H. Kent.

Hashtag with Caution - Or You May Get #Sued

Global, USA - January 26 2017 Hashtags are more popular than ever on social media sites. They frequently are used on Instagram and Twitter as part of marketing campaigns…

Schuyler B. Sorosky, Tamany Vinson Bentz.