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Summary of Provisions in the Build Back Better Bill

USA - November 23 2021 After months of negotiations, on November 19, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $1.85 trillion “Build Back Better” 10-year budget…

Samuel Olchyk, Christopher M. Scribner

A Whole New World: The First 100 Days of the 117th Congress

USA - January 11 2021 On Tuesday, Georgia voters went to the polls to complete two special elections, marked by high turnout and massive early voting, to determine two…

Nicholas D. Choate, Sarah B. Donovan, Josh M. Finestone, William R. Nordwind, Samuel Olchyk

Capitol Hill in Flux: A Legislative Analysis of 2020 Election Outcomes

USA - November 11 2020 The results of last Tuesday's election are slowly coming into focus, along with the ways in which those results may impact the legislative agenda in…

Michael D. Bloomquist, Nicholas D. Choate, Sarah B. Donovan, Josh M. Finestone, William R. Nordwind

13 Areas Impacted by the 2020 Election and What You Need to Know

USA - October 23 2020 The United States is no stranger to divisive and spirited presidential and congressional campaigns. This year's fast-approaching elections, however…

Douglas H. Green, Loren K. Aho, Allyson B. Baker, Eric S. Berman, Andrew E. Bigart, James Y. Boland, Thomas M. Boyd, Chase Burgess, Nicholas D. Choate, Ashley W. Craig, Sarah B. Donovan, Matthew Field, Josh M. Finestone, Kathryn Kusske Floyd, Gregory M. Gill, Craig A. Gilley, Richard Y. Hegg, James H. Burnley IV, Thora A. Johnson, Grace H. Lee, Elizabeth K. Lowe, Doreen S. Martin, Lindsay B. Meyer, William R. Nordwind, Samuel Olchyk, Tara Sugiyama Potashnik, Thomas H. Quinn, The Honorable Bart Stupak, Wes S. Sudduth, Fred R. Wagner, Ariel S. Wolf

Widening Main Street: Fed Opens the Main Street Lending Program to More Businesses

USA - April 30 2020 Three weeks after first providing term sheets for the Main Street Lending Program (MSLP), the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System…

Allyson B. Baker, Erin Zacuto Cass, D. E. (Ed) Wilson, Jr.