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Defense Costs for Long-Tail Claims: Making the Most of Your Insurance Coverage

USA - November 15 2022 Long-tail claims involve continuous or progressive injuries that occur over the course of multiple years. Often these claims occur in the context of…

Waymon T. Peer

Federal Court Rules for Insureds—COVID-19 Shutdowns May Constitute "Direct Physical Loss" Under Business Interruption Insurance Policies

USA - August 13 2020 Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed across the country seeking business interruption coverage in connection with shutdowns caused by the COVID-19…

Benjamin P. Argyle, Michael C. Davis, David L. Feinberg, Mary M. Gardner

COVID-19 and Event Cancellation Insurance: Update on Best Practices

USA - June 8 2020 It's been nearly three months since COVID-19 began spreading rapidly in the United States, forcing widespread Cancellation of events such as concerts…

Ethan S. Barnes, George E. Constantine, Michael C. Davis

Update: Insurance Coverage for Event Cancellation Due to COVID-19 in Light of Pandemic Declaration

USA - March 16 2020 Last Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 - commonly known as the coronavirus - a "pandemic," the first such declaration…

Ethan S. Barnes, George E. Constantine, Michael C. Davis

Texas Supreme Court: Deepwater Horizon Insurer Can't Limit Defense Cost Coverage

USA - February 6 2019 On January 25, 2019, the Texas Supreme Court found that Anadarko's insurer wrongly limited the amount of insurance coverage available in relation to…

Michael C. Davis