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The Return of Earmarks

USA - February 24 2021 House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman DeLauro announced that the House will include member requests for community project funding in FY22…

Richard Y. Hegg

13 Areas Impacted by the 2020 Election and What You Need to Know

USA - October 23 2020 The United States is no stranger to divisive and spirited presidential and congressional campaigns. This year's fast-approaching elections, however…

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Earmarking debate continues

USA - January 24 2011 The fate of earmarking in this Congress remains unresolved and will continue to be debated without much of a resolution in sight.

Earmark reform

USA - November 3 2010 Some in Congress would like to see earmarking eliminated completely, but the most you're likely to see are additional reforms to the earmarking process.