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Regulatory Risks of In-Game and In-App Virtual Currency

USA - February 1 2017 So you're an app developer. Maybe even a mobile, computer, or console game developer. Imagine that you have a great idea for a new game - an…

Evan R. Minsberg

Say Goodbye to Credit Card Signature Requirements

USA - February 5 2018 The days of signing your grocery receipt may be over soon, as the four major credit card brands (American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard) are…

Christopher L. Boone

Identity Crisis in Payment Aggregator Models: Merchant of Record, Payment Facilitator, Marketplace, or Staged Digital Wallet?

USA - October 4 2018 Disruptive, fast-paced changes in the operations and rules applicable to the growing fintech payments sector are causing uncertainty for many…

Ellen Traupman Berge, Evan R. Minsberg

Visa Updates Rules for Marketplaces

USA - August 27 2018 In recognition of a rapidly changing ecommerce environment, Visa has created a new category of payment aggregator - a “marketplace” - for entities…

Ellen Traupman Berge, Evan R. Minsberg

Money Transmission in the Payment Facilitator Model

USA - June 27 2018 The payment facilitator model continues to grow in popularity in the merchant acquiring space as a way to board merchants quickly and with minimal…

Ellen Traupman Berge, Evan R. Minsberg