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Lithuanian Supreme Court shapes and clarifies employer’s duty to inform and consult with employee representatives

Lithuania - January 15 2020 On 13 January a Lithuanian Supreme Court ruling established new case law in Lithuania on the extent of employers’ obligation to inform and consult…

Agniete Venckiene, Juliana Pavilovska.

New Law on Protection of Whistle-blowers: what should employers know?

Lithuania - January 14 2019 The new Law on Protection of Whistle-blowers entered into force on 1 January 2019. The law will apply to both public and private sectors and aims at…

Agniete Venckiene, Algirdas Pekšys, Aurelija Daubaraitė.

Changes in employment regulation in Lithuania

USA - June 1 2018 We are pleased to share the most relevant changes in Lithuanian employment regulation this summer: On 1 July 2018 a new Daily allowance and other…

Agniete Venckiene, Algirdas Pekšys, Aurelija Daubaraitė.

#MeToo: preventing sexual harassment in the workplace and protecting company reputation

United Kingdom - February 23 2018 Sexual harassment accusations, catalysed by the #MeToo movement, almost always involve complaints against a particular person. However, very often the…

Agniete Venckiene, Algirdas Pekšys, Jurgita Venckute.

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Liechtenstein - June 6 2017 The following changes are the most important for business: Non-competition agreements. Employers will have to pay their personnel additional…

Agniete Venckiene, Algirdas Pekšys.