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Rail in our region and 2035

France, United Kingdom - May 18 2021 Back in the UK on 23 January 2021, transport minister Grant Shapps announced the Cancellation of the Oxford Expressway.

The key to net zero? Opportunities and challenges in the BESS industry

United Kingdom - April 21 2021 He basic principle of these Technologies is that surplus electric charge can be stored using dedicated batteries, which is particularly useful for…

Rosanna Clarke, Gemma Goddard, Alex Schaafsma

A new strategy? Strategic land and the Planning White Paper

United Kingdom - October 13 2020 The Government’s Planning White Paper sets out an ambitious series of proposals for the wholesale reform of the English Planning System. Given the…

Edward Long, Tom Newcombe, Ros Nuttall

Self-build housing: some legal issues to consider

United Kingdom - June 10 2020 Self-build housing is on the increase. This is housing where an individual either takes on the challenge and responsibility for their house building…

What is strategic land? Option and promotion agreements.

United Kingdom - March 9 2020 The phrase ‘strategic land’ is often used within the professional field, however it is a phrase the public may be unfamiliar with. What does it mean…