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I didn’t know you did that! Charity property team focus

United Kingdom - July 28 2017 From charity shop to investment portfolio, most charities will have material interests in property. For many, property will be the single largest…

Room with a view - July 2017

United Kingdom - July 10 2017 With property measures relegated to the back of the Queen’s Speech you could be forgiven for thinking that property was not a government priority…

Peter Hosking, Edward Long, Naomi Sunkin, Marcos Toffanello, Bhargav Trivedi

Essential Trustee - June 2017

European Union, United Kingdom - June 10 2017 This newsletter has been written with charity trustees and senior management in mind. It provides you with need-to-know updates on hot topics within…

Bernadette Baker, Liz Brownsell, Karl Pocock, Kitty Rosser, Louisa Saunders, Sara Sayer