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New Annual U.S. Tax Reporting Required for Foreign-Owned U.S. Limited Liability Companies and Other U.S. Business Entities

USA - December 15 2016 On December 13, 2016, the U.S. Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service issued final regulations mandating that foreign-owned U.S. limited…

Jon Grouf, Miriam O. Hyman, Lee J. Potter, Jr., Anastasios G. Kastrinakis, Hope P. Krebs, Andrew L. Odell, Thomas W. Ostrander, Eberhard H. Röhm, William D. Rohrer, Megan R. Worrell

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Review in Mortimer Could Significantly Expand Litigants’ Ability to Pierce the Corporate Veil

USA - June 26 2020 The appeal, which centers on whether the Court should adopt the so-called enterprise or single entity theories of corporate veil piercing, has the…

Jonathan Aronchick, Robert L. Byer, Jessica Priselac

Significant U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Create Challenges for Many Companies

Russia, USA - March 3 2022 Since Russia's recent recognition of the self-proclaimed independence of two separatist regions of Ukraine and subsequent invasion of the country…

Geoffrey M. Goodale, Hope P. Krebs, Rolando R. Sanchez

Water Splash v. Menon: U.S. Supreme Court Rules Hague Convention Allows for Service by Mail on Foreign Defendants

USA - June 8 2017 Now that the Supreme Court has resolved the split, circuit and district courts will have to follow its guidance, which will provide uniformity across…

Sharon L. Caffrey, Hope P. Krebs, Effie D. Silva

Another private equity filing deadline approaches: do you know where your BE-10s are?

USA - May 20 2015 For those who have not heard, another filing requirement of the U.S. government will require action by participants in the private equity industry…

Piero Carbone, Richard P. Jaffe, Brian Kerwin