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Considerations and Implications of the Proposed Temporary Waiver of COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Intellectual Property Rights

USA - May 6 2021 The Biden administration has indicated support for the temporary waiver of patent protections related to COVID-19 vaccine development. In the United…

Brandon A. Chan, Deborah L. Lu., Heidi Lunasin

Texas Court Will Not Delay In-Person Trial to Permit Vaccination of Participants

USA - March 22 2021 Courts have already made numerous accommodations to trial participants in an attempt to keep the justice system operational and…

Brandon A. Chan, Deborah L. Lu.

Who Watches the Watchmen? Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Administrative Patent Judge Appointments

USA - March 8 2021 This case, which may have broad implications on post-grant proceeding process before the USPTO, is being watched by companies…

Brandon A. Chan, Deborah L. Lu., Heidi Lunasin

Forum Selection Clause Held Inapplicable for Precluding Inter Partes Review Before the Patent and Trial Appeal Board

European Union, USA - February 8 2021 NDAs are meant to protect the confidential information of one or both parties while each party determines whether the collaboration…

Brandon A. Chan, Deborah L. Lu., Heidi Lunasin

Patent-Eligible Subject Matter in Biotech Should Recite More Than a "Telescope"

USA - December 8 2020 Much of the debate regarding patent-eligible subject matter in biotechnology involves the natural phenomenon or law of nature judicial exceptions.

Brandon A. Chan, Deborah L. Lu., Vicki G. Norton