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Numerical Ranges: More Than Just Endpoints in Patent Process

USA - February 14 2020 On February 11 and 12, 2020, the United States Patent and Trademark Office held a series of webinars covering the interpretation of ranges during the…

Brandon A. Chan, Deborah L. Lu.

Silence Is Not Necessarily Golden for Negative Patent Claim Limitations

USA - July 7 2022 During the prosecution of a patent application before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, claim amendments that introduce a negative limitation―the…

Brandon A. Chan, Deborah L. Lu., Vicki G. Norton

Considerations and Implications of the Proposed Temporary Waiver of COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Intellectual Property Rights

USA - May 6 2021 The Biden administration has indicated support for the temporary waiver of patent protections related to COVID-19 vaccine development. In the United…

Brandon A. Chan, Deborah L. Lu., Heidi Lunasin

Patent-Eligible Subject Matter in Biotech Should Recite More Than a "Telescope"

USA - December 8 2020 Much of the debate regarding patent-eligible subject matter in biotechnology involves the natural phenomenon or law of nature judicial exceptions.

Brandon A. Chan, Deborah L. Lu., Vicki G. Norton

Broad Patent Prosecution Bars Risk Effectively Decoupling Complementary Patent Litigation and Prosecution Practices

USA - August 22 2022 Parties in the discovery phase of litigation often exchange confidential documents and information, which may contain proprietary information such as…

Samuel W. Apicelli, Brandon A. Chan, Deborah L. Lu.