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Under Pressure: Struggling Supply Chains

United Kingdom - February 18 2022 In the construction sector solid cash flow throughout the supply chain is the lifeblood of most projects, no matter what size, and is arguably the…

Matthew Friedlander

Using Technology in Arbitration: Necessity or Choice?

Global - January 13 2022 The global pandemic continues to challenge us, with various measures ranging from further lockdowns to restrictions on in-person meetings. The…

Vijay K. Bange

Earth, Wind and Fire- Energy and the Green Agenda. The New Industrial Revolution?

United Kingdom - September 15 2021 Globally, notable incidents of freak weather events giving rise to destruction and death have dominated the news. The increasing frequency of these…

Vijay K. Bange

Not all Collateral Warranties are Construction Contracts

United Kingdom - August 5 2021 The contractual matrix of commercial construction projects commonly includes collateral warranties. Collateral…

Matthew Friedlander

Cairn Energy v India: A lesson in BIT rights and enforcement

India, United Kingdom - February 11 2021 Cairn Energy’s dispute with the Indian Government has made headlines across the globe. The case serves as a useful reminder to foreign investors of…

Steve Nichol