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Massive Tax Overhaul Stymied

USA - December 22 2021 As we have previously mentioned, the tax landscape is dynamic and can change based on the votes of just one or two individuals in Congress. And that…

John I. Frederick, Michael A. Gillen

2021 Year-End Tax Planning Guide

USA - December 15 2021 The Build Back Better reconciliation bill, which currently includes more than $1.5 trillion in individual, business and international tax increases…

John I. Frederick, Michael A. Gillen, David S. Kovsky, Erin E. McQuiggan

As Inflation Soars, IRS Announces Annual Inflation Adjustments for 2022

USA - November 16 2021 On November 10, the IRS announced inflation adjustments for 2022 pertaining to a variety of items that may impact your 2022 income tax returns. As a…

John I. Frederick, David S. Kovsky, Erin E. McQuiggan

Senate Passes Infrastructure Bill and Sets Framework for 2022 Budget - What You Need to Know

USA - August 24 2021 The newly passed Infrastructure Bill is, at this moment, closely tied to the human Infrastructure Bill, which will seek to implement increasingly…

John I. Frederick, Sean R. Schoppy

Are You Missing Out on a Federal Income Tax Refund Opportunity? Time Is Running Out!

USA - August 5 2021 ARPA offers an opportunity to eligible businesses, including tax-exempt organizations, to receive refundable tax credits. The American Rescue Plan…

John I. Frederick