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Midyear Tax Planning Opportunities: Quick-Strike Items to Consider This Summer

USA - August 4 2022 With 2022 over halfway through and while there is still sufficient time to act and implement new strategies, now may be an ideal time to focus on tax…

John I. Frederick, Michael A. Gillen

Senate Passes Infrastructure Bill and Sets Framework for 2022 Budget - What You Need to Know

USA - August 24 2021 The newly passed Infrastructure Bill is, at this moment, closely tied to the human Infrastructure Bill, which will seek to implement increasingly…

John I. Frederick, Steven M. Packer

IRS Warns of Ongoing and Pandemic-Related Tax Scams

USA - July 15 2021 Each year, we share with you what the IRS calls its “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams. This year, the pandemic has given rise to new, and even more…

Steven M. Packer

Hungry for Larger Tax Deductions? IRS Issues Additional Guidance on Temporary 100 Percent Meal Deduction

USA - May 4 2021 The intention of this temporary broadening of the deduction is very clearly aimed to assist the restaurant industry, which has been significantly…

Steven M. Packer

IRS Expands Identity Protection PIN Program

USA - February 4 2021 “When you have this special code, it prevents someone else from filing a tax return with your Social Security number.” In January…

John I. Frederick