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Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Consider Constitutionality of Excessive Punitive Damages

USA - May 17 2022 The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania recently granted review in The Bert Company d/b/a Northwest Insurance Services v. Matthew Turk, et al., 14 WAP 2022…

Ryan F. Monahan

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Review in Mortimer Could Significantly Expand Litigants’ Ability to Pierce the Corporate Veil

USA - June 26 2020 The appeal, which centers on whether the Court should adopt the so-called enterprise or single entity theories of corporate veil piercing, has the…

Jonathan Aronchick, Jessica Priselac, Thomas R Schmuhl

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Review in McCloskey Could Have Far-Reaching Effects on Administrative Deference

USA - April 16 2020 McCloskey could represent a sea change in Pennsylvania administrative law or, alternatively, a reaffirmation of current law in an area of increasing…

Brian J. Slipakoff

Pipeline Developers Beware: Third Circuit Disallows Eminent Domain Over State Lands Under Natural Gas Act

USA - September 25 2019 In a unanimous, precedential opinion issued on September 10, 2019, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit held that the Natural Gas…

David Amerikaner, George J. Kroculick, Leah Mintz

Pennsylvania Superior Court Confirms that Fair Share Act Applies in Asbestos and Other Strict-Liability Cases and Requires Apportionment of Liability Among Defendants and Settled Tortfeasors Regardless of Bankruptcy Status

USA - January 2 2018 Roverano is the first time a Pennsylvania appellate court has considered whether the Fair Share Act applies to strict-liability claims arising from…

Andrew R. Sperl