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Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously holds that union workers are not subcontractors for purposes of PA. Mechanics' Lien Law

USA - April 21 2014 This decision reverses the state Superior Court's decision and reinstates the trial court's order sustaining Scott's Development's preliminary…

What's next for teaming agreements after Cyberlock?

USA - May 21 2013 A recent federal District Court decision holding a teaming agreement between two contractors unenforceable under Virginia law raises questions…

Andrew E. Mishkin

Interim rule requiring government contractors’ compliance records to be publicly available on federal government’s contractor performance and integrity information website is revised and now final

USA - January 31 2012 An interim rule requiring key matters regarding government contractors' violations of federal procurement requirements to be available on a searchable public website maintained by the U.S. federal government has recently been revised and finalized.

Andrew E. Mishkin

Massachusetts Appeals Court invalidates mechanic's liens against condo common areas

USA - January 11 2012 A Massachusetts Appeals Court decision last month portends far-ranging implications for the construction industry.

Michael B. Donahue, Stanley A. Martin

Project labor agreements are once again part of the public bidding process in Philadelphia

USA - December 12 2011 On November 29, 2011, Mayor Michael Nutter signed Executive Order No. 15-11, which provides, effective immediately, that the City of Philadelphia may incorporate into its instructions to bidders, and other relevant bid documents, the absolute right to require that a potential bidder execute and comply with a project labor agreement ("PLA"), as a condition to the award of a public construction contract.

Bruce J. Kasten, Patrick J. Kearney