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An owner is ensnared by a subguard program

USA - June 27 2013 In a recent appellate decision in New York, a developer sued its construction manager for fraudulent misrepresentation that the construction manager…

Overlooked obtaining an additional insured endorsement? You might be saved by the automatic additional insured endorsement – or might not.

USA - October 18 2013 Many CGL policies typically include an endorsement that contains a clause providing for automatic additional insured status without a project…

Ten things to consider when drafting construction contracts under New York law

USA - October 22 2010 Whether managing construction of a high-rise project in New York City, a power plant in India or a paper mill in Brazil, the legal disputes in any of those projects may be subject to resolution under New York law.

Jose A. Aquino

A roundup of a dozen improvements in the new AAA rules for construction arbitration and mediation

USA - March 25 2010 The American Arbitration Association (AAA) has amended its standard Construction Industry Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures.

Practices for reducing exposure to false claims liability – an interview

USA - February 16 2012 For those who have been following the developments in the false claims arena, you no doubt have that lingering thought that one of your or your client’s claims will inevitably attract a response that everyone loathes and fears – it’s a false claim!