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3 employer pitfalls in donning and doffing policies

USA - October 4 2013 Donning and doffing is a hot area of wage and hour law that often leads to class and collective actions and, as a result, creates significant…

It’s the (technology) age!

USA - September 20 2013 "It's the age" is what everyone says when I say I had 5 weddings to go to this year. The count included two in Philadelphia where I live, two in Cape…

The FLSA implications of New Year’s resolutions

USA - January 7 2013 At the start of 2012, TIME Magazine published Top 10 Commonly Broken New Year's Resolutions. As you might expect, they are: (1) lose weight and get fit…

Santa and the FLSA

USA - December 19 2012 Delivering presents to the well-behaved children all over the world in a single night is hard work.

How to avoid tip-related traps

USA - July 12 2012 In recent months, celebrity chefs, national chain restaurants, Las Vegas casinos and even "mom and pop" taverns have all made headlines because their employees have filed class and collective action lawsuits challenging their pay practices.