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High-Net-Worth Individuals - Beware of Proposed State Tax Increases

USA - October 6 2020 Wealth taxes have been hotly debated and contested for years. Many are focused on potential federal tax increases, but let’s not…

Steven M. Packer.

COVID-19: State and Local Tax Impact of Telecommuting Now and Beyond the Lockdowns

USA - July 28 2020 Some states have been proactive during the pandemic, issuing temporary guidance including waiving nexus and even revising apportionment rules. With…

Steven M. Packer.

IRS Issues Final Regulations Confirming Harsh Restriction on SALT Workarounds

USA - August 15 2019 As suspected, the IRS has ended state-run charitable contribution strategies that are intended to work around the federal limit on itemized state and…

How to Mitigate the Federal SALT Deduction Limitation Under the New Law

USA - June 5 2018 Under the 2017 Tax Cuts and JOBS Act, effective for tax years beginning in 2018, taxpayers who itemize their deductions will be subject to a $10,000…

Steven M. Packer.

Still Worried About the Equifax Breach? So Are 145 Million Others

USA - October 19 2017 This upcoming tax season may see an increased filing of fake tax returns utilizing a victim's name and Social Security number to redirect refunds to…

Steven M. Packer.