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Will IRS Audits Dwindle with Congress Deadlocked and No Increased Funding? Perhaps, but Don’t Count on It

USA - July 7 2022 Currently, President Joe Biden's tax plan as contained in the Build Back Better Act is dead in the water. With Senators Manchin and Sinema largely…

John I. Frederick

IRS Offers New Relief to Resolve Unpaid Taxes for Those Affected by the Pandemic

USA - February 18 2021 One of the COVID-19-related provisions is the expansion of the streamlined installment agreement―termed “streamlined” due to the…

Michael A. Gillen

IRS Marks Extended Deadline with News That Audits Targeting High-Net-Worth Individuals Can Be Expected

USA - August 4 2020 The Wealth Squad is specially trained to examine complex domestic and offshore financial activities.

Michael A. Gillen, Steven M. Packer

Heightened IRS Collection Procedures Impacting Those with Unpaid Tax Obligations

USA - August 20 2019 Along with increased collection efforts by the IRS come a variety of options, which, with proper professional guidance, reduce the pain by making…

Steven M. Packer

Social Security Loophole Closing - Changes May Impact Your Benefits

USA - March 15 2016 We all are aware of the importance of the April 15 tax deadline; however, for those turning age 66 this year, April 30 may be a more significant date…

Steven M. Packer, Stanley V. Todd