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New York on the Path to Requiring All-Electric Buildings

USA - November 23 2021 Developers of new buildings in New York state and of new and renovated buildings in New York City may soon be prohibited from powering and heating…

Amauri G. Costa, Phyllis J. Kessler

New York Construction Contractors Now Liable for Subcontractors' Unpaid Wages

USA - September 10 2021 The law will take effect on January 4, 2022, and will apply to all new, renewed, modified and amended contracts. On September 6, 2021, New York…

Jenna M. Decker, Eve I. Klein, Brian A. Shue

New York's Construction Master Guidance Requires COVID-19 Precautions for All Projects

USA - May 15 2020 The Construction Master Guidance also requires owner/operators to provide a COVID-19 mitigation safety plan…

Meghan DiPerna, Brian A. Shue

New York Forward Plan Reopens Construction in Phase One

USA - May 12 2020 After meeting the seven core factors, eligible regions will reopen businesses in phases, with at least two weeks in between each phase…

Meghan DiPerna, Brian A. Shue

New York State Halts Nonessential Construction

USA - March 30 2020 Under the updated guidance, most on-site construction work is now considered nonessential and is subject to a 100 percent workforce reduction…

Meghan DiPerna, Brian A. Shue