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Florida Adopts New COVID-19 Civil Liability Limitations

USA - April 5 2021 The new statutes also create qualified immunity for individuals, businesses and organizations facing COVID-19-related claims and…

Justin M. L. Stern

Florida Legislators Introduce Bills That Would Impose Strict Prerequisites to Bringing COVID-19 Personal Injury Claims

USA - January 11 2021 If enacted, the legislation would impose a one-yearstatute of limitations, meaning that any action for a COVID-19-related claim…

Justin M. L. Stern

Florida Industry Group Urges State to Limit Legal Liability for Florida Businesses

USA - December 4 2020 The RESET Task Force’s proposals come as other states consider similar types of recommended actions, including establishing…

Justin M. L. Stern

As COVID-19 Cases Mount, South Florida Counties Reimpose Restrictions Before Holiday Weekend

USA - July 1 2020 In recent weeks, the number of daily reported cases of COVID-19 in Florida has spiked, as it has in many other states. To slow the spread of the…

Patrick C. Gallagher, Justin M. L. Stern, Kevin E. Vance

Florida Initiates Phase 1 of Reopening, with South Florida Counties Following a Different Track

USA - May 4 2020 Also during Phase 1, hospitals will be permitted to perform certain elective procedures provided that the facilities satisfy certain criteria. As of…

Patrick C. Gallagher, Justin M. L. Stern, Kevin E. Vance