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Mexico's Auto Industry Outlook in the New Era of the USMCA and COVID-19

Mexico, USA - August 7 2020 Automotive manufacturing plants in Mexico were closed for approximately two months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The automotive industry in North…

Rosa M. Ertze, Miguel de Leon Perez, Eduardo Ramos-Gomez

New COVID-19 Relief Opportunities for the Agricultural Industry

USA - April 27 2020 The CARES Act 2.0 now makes farms and other agricultural programs eligible for the additional $60 billion set aside for the EIDL program under the…

Michael E. Barnicle, Max W. Fargotstein

USMCA Implementation Will Require Changes - Especially for the Automotive Industry

USA - May 14 2020 The USMCA contains new rules of origin and certain associated requirements that will have profound implications for the automotive industry…

Michael E. Barnicle

Significant U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Create Challenges for Many Companies

Russia, USA - March 3 2022 Since Russia's recent recognition of the self-proclaimed independence of two separatist regions of Ukraine and subsequent invasion of the country…

Hope P. Krebs, Rolando R. Sanchez, Thomas R Schmuhl

Commerce Department Imposes Heightened Export Controls on Huawei and Many Other Chinese Entities

USA - May 29 2020 These actions will have significant implications for U.S. and non-U.S. companies that have business relationships with Huawei and many of its…

Michael E. Barnicle, Brian S. Goldstein