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Telework: A New Reform in Mexican Legislation

Mexico - January 21 2021 The consent of both parties is needed to establish a telework relationship except in cases of force majeure in which such a change…

Luis Duhart, Miguel de Leon Perez, Rosa M. Ertze.

Investment Opportunities in Colombia, Mexico and Peru

OECD, USA - January 12 2021 Taken as a bloc, the Pacific Alliance is the world’s eighth largest economy. A predominantly economic and commercial strategic association, the…

Miguel de Leon Perez, Rosa M. Ertze.

Potential Outsourcing Reforms in Mexican Legislation

USA - December 22 2020 Mexico’s Executive Branch intends to submit another new bill around February 2021, so the terms of the actual legislation may vary…

Luis Duhart, Miguel de Leon Perez, Rosa M. Ertze.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Summary and Implications for Asia and the Pacific Rim

USA - December 17 2020 The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) was signed on November 15, 2020, by 15 countries—10 members of ASEAN, as well as its dialogue…

Christopher M. Neumeyer, Giles T. Cooper, Irene Bao Rong, Matthew Poh, Teoh Ye Oon.

Investment Opportunities in Argentina, Brazil and Chile

Argentina, Brazil, Chile - October 28 2020 Each country has a legal framework in place to incentivize foreign investments and promote trade and development. Representing just under two-thirds…

Amauri G. Costa, Miguel de Leon Perez, Rodrigo Sadi, Rosa M. Ertze.