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Teamsters announce plan to cut pension benefits

USA - July 23 2015 The Teamsters spent millions of dollars to lobby Washington for pension reform that will allow them to reduce pension benefits for current workers…

Matthew D. Austin

NLRB finds employer’s ban on cameras in the workplace unlawful

USA - December 2 2015 The Rio Hotel & Casino had a handbook policy that stated, “Cameras, any type of audio visual recording equipment and/or recording devices may not be…

Matthew D. Austin

Judge prohibits employee surveillance

USA - August 10 2015 A buffet attendant at a casino went on break from 3:30 to 4:00 immediately before her shift ended at 4:00. Employees whose shifts were ending at 4:00…

Matthew D. Austin

National Labor Relations Board strikes three of Macy’s handbook policies common to most handbooks

USA - July 17 2015 The National Labor Relations Board has been particularly active in scrutinizing company handbooks, and Macy's handbook is no exception. The Board…

Matthew D. Austin

Conversations you have with yourself when alone may be “concerted” activity

USA - July 17 2015 "THIS PLACE SUCKS!" Almost every employee has thought or said this in a moment of frustration in the workplace (except yours truly). A teacher at a…

Matthew D. Austin