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Right to manifest religious belief

European Union, United Kingdom - April 4 2013 The key issue for the European Court of Human Rights in Eweida and Others v UK was whether a fair balance had been struck between an individual's…

Retirement discussions were not age discriminatory

United Kingdom - February 28 2013 Following the abolition of the default retirement age in 2011, a dismissal based on an employee's age amounts to age discrimination, unless it can be…

Collective consultation and 'establishments'

United Kingdom - January 31 2013 The duty to consult collectively applies where it is proposed to make 20 or more redundancies at one establishment, but there is no statutory…

Post-employment victimisation claims

United Kingdom - November 6 2012 A claim for victimisation can be brought where an employee has been subjected to a detriment as a result of bringing a discrimination complaint.

Sickness and annual leave

United Kingdom - October 9 2012 The Court of Appeal has upheld the EAT’s decision in NHS Leeds v Larner that a worker who was absent due to sickness for a whole leave year was entitled to payment for that year’s unused statutory holiday entitlement when her employment terminated.