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Mari-Times Newsletter - December 2017

Canada - December 8 2017 2017 was an active year in Canadian maritime law. As expected, Canada's Oceans Protection Plan (the "OPP"), announced last year on November 7, 2016…

Jeremy Bolger, Bruce Churchill-Smith, Jean-Marie Fontaine, Nils Goeteyn, Darren McGuire, Dionysios Rossi, Robin Squires, Sarah Sweet, Rick Williams

The impact of CETA on the coasting trade regime in Canada: brief analysis of Bill C-30

Canada, European Union - December 21 2016 On October 31, 2016, one day after the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement ("CETA") with Europe was signed, the Canadian government introduced…

Nils Goeteyn

Russia & the North

Russia - December 13 2011 The Kremlin’s recent announcement to build an ultra-modern, enclosed and self-sufficient city on the remote island of Kotelniy about 1,000 miles from the North Pole, is the latest example of Russia’s efforts to position itself as a leader in the development of the Arctic.

East meets North in the new economy

Canada - June 7 2011 Canada's North is quickly becoming a popular foreign investment site for Asian investors

“No” to nuclear weapons in Canada’s arctic

Canada - April 29 2011 Against the background of the recent crisis surrounding nuclear reactors in Japan, and the rekindling of the long-time debate over nuclear power in many countries, one private members' bill, introduced in the Parliament of Canada on February 15, 2011, is particularly significant at the moment