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Federal lobbying commissioner proposes broad amendments to Lobbying Act

Canada - March 12 2021 The Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada recently released a report with 11 preliminary recommendations (the Recommendations) to amend the…

Alan Ross, Julia Webster

Snapshot: domestic bribery laws in Canada

Canada - February 19 2021 A look at the key features of the legal framework applicable to the bribery of domestic public officials in Canada, including the extent of liability, defences, enforcement patterns and more.

In brief: foreign bribery laws in Canada

Canada - February 19 2021 A look at some of the key features of the laws in Canada prohibiting bribery of foreign public officials, covering the extent of liability, defences and enforcement patterns, among other things.

2020 vision? U.S. election impacts for Canadian law and business

Canada, USA - November 5 2020 Even after the polls have closed and votes are being tallied, considerable uncertainty remains as to the ultimate result of the 2020 United States…

Jesse Goldman, Matthew Kronby, Jonathan Cocker, Laurie Goldbach, Jennifer Hanna, Kevin L. LaRoche, Alan Ross

British Columbia enacts strict new rules in its lobbyist registration regime

Canada - June 1 2020 Sweeping changes in British Columbia’s lobbyist regulatory regime came into force in May 2020 with amendments to the Lobbyist Registration Act, now…

Dirk Laudan, Julia Webster