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5 more insurance industry trends: Product recall, municipal, cargo and business interruption insurance

Canada - November 25 2021 Background. We predict product recall rates will climb thanks to complex global supply chains, adoption of automation, inconsistent regulation across…

Nigah Awj, Laura Day, Patrick Heinsen, Gilbert Hourani, ​Sarah Makson, Kevin A. McGivney, George R. Wray

Canadian ports remain open amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Canada - March 25 2020 COVID-19 is affecting all sectors of the economy and public life, including shipping and transportation as a whole. The Canadian government has…

Nigah Awj, Jane Chong

Business insurance trends, Part 3: Cyber insurance, smart equipment, shipping and a plug for insurance reviews

Canada - December 20 2021 Background. Headline-grabbing issues such as cybersecurity and climate change, pandemic-related losses, increasing D&O claims, and high premiums are…

Nigah Awj, T. Kirk Boyd, Eric S. Charleston, Julie M. Gauthier, Robert Love, ​Sarah Makson, Émilie Roy

Full steam ahead: Recent developments in maritime autonomous technology

Canada - February 24 2021 Autonomous technology is advancing in every sector, and the maritime industry is among those at the forefront. Much of the focus in shipping has been…

Robin Squires, Sarah Sweet

Business insurance trends: Climate change litigation, D&O risk, force majeure and transport insurance

Canada - October 28 2021 From COVID-19 to consumer advocacy, the forces affecting Canadian businesses are also having an impact on the availability, cost and coverage of…

Nigah Awj, Patrick Heinsen, Robert Love, ​Sarah Makson, Ross McGowan, Robin Squires, Sarah Sweet, Ingrid Vanderslice, Edona C. Vila