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The Legal Listen: Immunity passports

Canada - March 8 2021 BLG’s The Legal Listen is a podcast series exploring key issues in law and business. In our third episode, Cindy Clarke welcomes Ewa Krajewska, Ira…

Cindy Clarke, Daniel J. Michaluk, Ira Parghi

Trash Talk: Supreme Court considers contractual discretion in good faith

Canada - February 12 2021 In its recent decision in Wastech Services Ltd. v. Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District (Wastech), the Supreme Court of Canada recognized…

Graham Splawski

The COVID 19 vaccine: Considerations for Canadian employers

Canada - February 9 2021 In a recent LinkedIn Live session, some of BLG’s leading lawyers fielded questions about the COVID 19 vaccine and the obligations and risks Canadian…

Kate Crawford, James Fu, Daniel J. Michaluk, Edona C. Vila

Supreme Court of Canada revisits good faith in contracts

Canada - January 11 2021 In its recent decision in C.M. Callow Inc. v. Zollinger, the Supreme Court of Canada recognized that the duty of good faith in contractual performance…

Graham Splawski

Trends to watch in 2021 - Vaccines: key issues in Canada

Canada - January 5 2021 Multiple issues arise as Canada now has a viable COVID-19 vaccine, from its potential effects on international relations to province-specific…

Maddie Axelrod, James Fu, Daniel J. Michaluk, André Royer