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Greene v. Paramount Pictures Corp.

USA - December 13 2018 Andrew Greene, the former head of corporate finance and attorney for Stratton Oakmont, the infamous financial firm that was featured in the film “The…

Jonathan Zavin

Delorean v. Delorean Motor Co.

USA - October 12 2018 District court dismisses claims brought by estate of creator of DeLorean automobile featured in “Back to the Future” movie franchise, preventing…

Tal Dickstein

Nobile v. Watts

USA - September 21 2018 Second Circuit affirms district court’s dismissal of copyright infringement claims against Margot Louise Watts’ novel The Light Between Oceans and…

David Grossman, Nathalie Russell

Pinkette Clothing, Inc. v. Cosmetic Warriors Limited

USA - June 29 2018 In trademark cancellation action by the maker of LUSH cosmetics against maker of LUSH apparel, Ninth Circuit holds that laches is available as defense…

C. Linna Chen

Weller v. Flynn

USA - May 21 2018 In copyright infringement case involving novel and film Gone Girl, district court dismisses with prejudice plaintiff’s copyright infringement claim…

Jonathan Zavin