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Horizon Comics Productions, Inc. v. Marvel Entertainment, LLC.

USA - July 15 2019 In copyright infringement action against creators and distributors of Iron Man 3 alleging movie poster copied character in Plaintiff’s comic book…

Melanie J. Howard

Mission Product Holdings, In.c v. Tempnology, LLC

USA - May 20 2019 In 8-1 decision resolving circuit court split, U.S. Supreme Court holds that bankrupt company’s rejection of executory contract containing trademark…

William M. Hawkins, Melanie J. Howard

Erickson Productions, Inc. v. Kast

USA - April 26 2019 In copyright infringement case over unauthorized display of Plaintiff’s photographs on Defendant’s website, uploaded by web developer hired by…

C. Linna Chen

Applied Underwriters, Inc. v. Lichtenegger

USA - January 15 2019 Ninth Circuit affirms district court ruling that use of financial services company’s registered trademarks in webcast seminar critical of the company…

Tal Dickstein

Griffin v. Sheeran

USA - January 2 2019 District court denies defendants’ motion for summary judgment, finding genuine issues of material fact exist as to whether Ed Sheeran’s hit song…

David Grossman