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Ninth Circuit: First Sale Doctrine Safe Haven for Resellers of End Products Incorporating Trademarked Products

USA - May 19 2022 Resellers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the first sale doctrine defense is here to stay. The Ninth Circuit recently ruled in favor of…

Brianna Cloud

Stillwater Ltd v. Antonia Basilotta

USA - May 11 2022 Ninth Circuit affirms trial court’s ruling that producer was not coauthor of singer Toni Basil’s first album. Plaintiff Stillwater Ltd sued Antonia…

Michael Segal

Brands and NFTs: Licensing and Contracting Considerations

USA - April 11 2022 In November 2021, an online crypto collective paid nearly $3 million to buy a copy of a “story bible” for director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune, the…

Anthony Traina

What’s in a Name? And in This Case, a Social Media Handle?

USA - March 15 2022 The latest developments in a lawsuit at the intersection of fashion, intellectual property and social media include a Second Circuit decision giving…

Jessica R. Manavi

Unicolors, Inc. v. H&M Hennes & Mauritz, L.P.

USA - February 24 2022 U.S. Supreme Court, after granting certiorari from appeal before Ninth Circuit, holds that safe harbor under Section 411(b)(2) of Copyright Act…

Mary Jean Kim